Prevalence of tobacco usage and its effect on the periodontal health parameters in the mining employees and the general population- A Comparative study

  • Tarulatha R Shyagali
  • Mohamed Helmy Salama
  • Deepak P Bhayya


Abstract: Objective: Comparison of the prevalence of usage of tobacco products and its effect on the periodontal health parameters of the mining laborers and the general population of Udaipur city, India. Materials and methods: the cross sectional study was performed on the sample of 980 adults including 500 mining employees and 480 subjects from the general population. The presence or absence of the tobacco products usage was noted. The ADA type III examination using the community periodontal probe was done. The data obtained was subjected to chi-square and Cramer’ v statistical analysis. Results: 79.40% of the mining-employees and 61.67% of the general population used different tobacco products, the difference noted was statistically significant (p=0.000). The most common periodontal condition amongst the mining employees and the general population was the presence of calculus (39% and 35.63% respectively) followed by the 4-5mm periodontal probing depth (29.20% and 26.04% respectively). The difference spotted was significant (p=0.018). There was statistically significant difference between the tobacco users and non- users for the different periodontal conditions (p=0.000).


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