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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 14:49

Course Objectives

During the undergraduate course at the Piracicaba Dental School, UNICAMP's a dental surgeon will learn to apply biological principles to the technical and ethical aspects of oral health problems. Consideration of the prevalence of health problems within the population is an essential part of the course. The dental surgeon also receives instruction on working as a freelance or employed professional, either as an individual or in a team, according to the following standards:

  • Diagnose existing oral problems; write and carry out treatment plans with consideration of the socio-economic condition and general health of the patient whether for consultation or specialized treatment.
    Using systems to streamline work thus increasing productivity without compromising quality.
    Prevention of dental problems is the Code of Conduct.
    Educate the patient and the community about major oral problems, emphasise the importance of taking preventive measures.
    Identify emergencies quickly and take measures to ensure that action is taken promptly.