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Coordenadoria de Pós-Graduação


Foreign Students

Estomatopatologia and Collective Health Dentistry

Foreign applicants, living in their own country, will be exclusively evaluated through Curriculum Analysis, Academic Profile and letters of recommendation. Foreign students, who live in Brazil, will have the same admission process as Brazilian applicants.

Admission of Foreign students to Graduate Program in Dental Clinic

There are two kinds of admission:

  1. Admission Test
    The applicants apply for the Admission Test and are submitted to a vacancy just as the other applicants.
    The admission process is annually offered for the Master and Doctor degree from June 01 to June 30.
  2. Applicants for the scholarship in PEC-PG process
    To obtain the acceptance letter for the PEC-PG Program, the applicant must apply for admission by e-mail indicating the Graduate Program, the area of Concentration that he/she is interested in and the curriculum vitae. With the acceptance letter, the candidate must then apply for the admission process within the estimated period for the application. The acceptance for the enrollment depends on the PEC-PG scholarship approval.

Dental Biology, Dental Materials and Oral Radiology

The foreign applicants interested in the Programs must apply for the same admission process that Brazilian applicants are submitted.


The admission of foreign students can be done directly through the Admission Process or through the scholarship approval in PEC-PG process. In the first option, the foreign applicant will be submitted to a vacancy just as the other applicants. In the second option, the applicant must require the admission in the Program, indicating the area of Concentration that he/she is interested in and the supervisor chosen and then justify the choice of the Program and Area and also send the curriculum vitae. These documents can be sent by e-mail to the Program Coordinator. The application will be directed to the Area, which will decide for its approval or not. With the acceptance letter, the applicant applies for the admission process and in case of approval of PEC-PG scholarship, the acceptance for his enrollment will be accomplished.