uec fopFaculdade de Odontologia de Piracicaba

Coordenadoria de Pós-Graduação


Ph.D. in Dentistry (64D)

Completion of the Program

The minimum and maximum time limits for completing the Doctorate Course are 24 and 48 months, respectively.

To obtain the Ph.D. in Dentistry, students must fulfill a total of 56 credits in courses and be approved in the defense of thesis.

Required Activity

AA002 * 0 Doctorate Thesis

Elective Courses

Students must obtain 56 credits among the courses offered in the common, general and specific areas. The courses must be chosen in agreement with their Advisor.

Common Area

OD034 120 8 Scientific Methodology II
OD042 60 4 Advanced Topics in Dental Research
OD064 60 4 Biostatistics II
OD065 60 4 Teaching Methodology II
OD093 90 6 Bioethic
OX001 60 4 Best Practice in Science

General Area

OD014 150 10 Physiology of Orofacial Pain
OD061 60 4 Health Psychology

Specific Area

OD008 180 12 Drug Therapy in Dental Clinic
OD009 180 12 Drug Therapy for Special Patients in Dental Clinic
OD016 120 8 Endocrine System and Stress
OD017 120 8 Cardiovascular System Function and Adrenergic Sensitivity
OD026 75 5 Molecular Biology in Dental Caries Study
OD039 60 4 Advanced Topics in Dental Caries Study
OD040 60 4 Advanced Topics in Pharmacology, Anesthesiology and Therapeutics
OD041 30 2 Advanced Topics in Oral Physiology
OD048 120 8 Morphological and Functional Development of Occlusion and TMJ
OD049 75 5 Documentation of Changes in the Stomatognathic System in Childhood and Adolescence
OD050 90 6 Advanced Topics in Behavioral Psychology
OD051 120 8 Advanced Topics in Pediatric Dentistry II
OD056 60 4 Biostatistics Applied to Researches in the Area of Public Health
OD058 60 4 Seminar on Experiences in Public Oral Health
OD059 60 4 Research Methodology Applied to Models in Public Health
OD060 120 8 Social Sciences Applied to Public Health
OD062 150 10 Health Management
OD073 120 8 Community Health I
OD074 120 8 Community Health II
OD075 120 8 Seminar on Experiences in Health Education
OD078 120 8 Advanced Topics in Epidemiology
OD086 120 8 Community Healthy III
OD087 120 8 Community Healthy IV
OD088 120 14 Experimental and Laboratory Models in Physiology and Pharmacology Sciences
OD089 180 12 Neural Basis and Pharmacological Approaches Towards Stress Control
OD092 180 12 Physiopathology and Therapeutics of Orofacial Pain and Inflammation
OD094 135 9 Medicinal Plants – Mechanism of Action and Toxicology