uec fopFaculdade de Odontologia de Piracicaba

Coordenadoria de Pós-Graduação



The program, which aims to prepare highly qualified personnel with a sound training in dental materials to master's and doctoral levels, focuses on teaching, research and the advancement of technical and scientific knowledge. When first established in 1983 (as a master's program), there were six permanent lecturers and four students; there are now ten permanent lecturers, and the number of specialties covered by the program has increased accordingly, reflecting the trend for the program to continually update its knowledge base and Topics of Research to enhance students' training as lecturers and researchers. The continued quality of the program has enabled faculty members and students to take part in exchanges with higher education institutions in Brazil and abroad, consolidating the program's academic and scientific approach. The program facilities are suitable for research and teaching projects involving dental materials and other associated fields. More than 156 students have graduated from the program (corresponding to 50 doctoral degrees and 106 master's degrees), of whom the vast majority are working in renowned higher education institutions.